The SafeStation. A revolutionary patent-pending new medium that allow you to effortlessly transmit information to workers directly in their working environment. Using state-of-the-art touchscreen technology, users have access all of that information literally at their fingertips. With the SafeStation, you can truly say goodbye to the binder!

Key features

  • Information stored in the local database is updated automatically from our online system, so no more running around to update binders!
  • Access SDS/MSDSs and additional safety information, such as first aid, handling, classifications, safety equipment, all in a few seconds (this information call all be personalized using our online interface, going beyond the SDS/MSDS)
  • The ultimate offline backup system, as no live internet connection is required to access the data
  • Print fully compliant labels, including GHS labels, for your secondary containers
  • Access safety related procedures and other documents including PDF files, pictures and even videos
  • Follow who has seen what document using our Strategic Notice Tracking system
  • Take a class right on the unit using the Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Control the screensaver, transforming a SafeStation into a digital sign
  • Communicate with preprogrammed emergency contacts and services using the built-in microphone and speaker
  • Extremely user friendly, no need to know how to use a computer. You can even use the system wearing gloves!
  • Durable construction made to resist excruciatingly harsh environments
  • Will work even if the internet is slow or down

Why the SafeStation and not just an online software?

  • Say goodbye to the binder - Because of all the features mentioned above, we can honestly say that we can eliminate the binders, both for SDS/MSDSs or any other document, in just about every situation
  • Installed directly in the workers environment - No need to ask a supervisor to get access to an SDS/MSDS, a document or to print a label, everything is literally right at your fingertips
  • No dependence on the internet - An online only solution will often not get approved by your governing health & safety agency because of its dependence on an internet connection. This is not a problem with the SafeStation, since every unit has its own local database. The internet is only required to update the unit.
  • Install in just about any environment - The SafeStation is built to withstand just about anything you can throw at it, including dust, humidity, heat, cold, etc. We even have a model that can go outside or an intrinsically safe model!
  • Extreme user-friendliness - No need to know how to use a computer to use the SafeStation. It has been designed to be unbelievably easy to use. Even the training video on how to use the system is on the system itself!
  • Paper if need be - Each SafeStation can be connected to a local or network printer, allowing you to print any document, including SDS/MSDSs, on demand

Using the powerful search tool, workers can find what they are looking for in seconds

Find information contained within the SDS/MSDS without having to go through the entire document. You can even personalize the information

Confusion is eliminated by allowing the user to see a picture of the safety equipment required

View the SDS/MSDS onscreen, change its language easily, even print the SDS/MSDS... it simply doesn't get any easier!

Workers can quickly and easily generate fully compliant GHS and WHMIS labels themselves

View documents, including safety procedures, directly on each SafeStation

Not only can workers view documents, but they can even watch short videos!

Our Learning Management System (LMS) is fully integrated with the SafeStation

Workers can even take exams directly on the system, ensuring that they actually understood what they just saw

Using the internal voice-over-IP communication system, communicate with emergency contacts and services and even manufacturers directly from the unit!

Easily change the SafeStation's language to English, French or Spanish

No need to go through a manual, simply watch the training video on the unit, and you're ready to go

With all of this and more, the possibilities are practically limitless. This truly becomes an information kiosk for all of your workers. Contact us for more info and pricing.